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Why do bullies bully?

Whatever kind of bullying, the reasons are the same. Bullies often bully because they didn't had enought of something. Most of the time, it's because their parents didn't gave them enought attention and love. They don't know how it feels to be loved so they reproduce what they lived. Only, in cyber-cubllying, it's easier to bully because you're not directly in front of the person. They are more cyber-bullies than any other type because it's so easy and harder to get caught. Also, the roles change a lot. The bylly we become the victim and the bully again. The bully can also be strangers to the victim because online, you can talk to anybody without even knowing who they are. Basicaly, bullies cyber-bully because it's easier and harder to be caught.

About us

We are a group of students who feel strongly about cyber-bullying. We decided to take action by creating this blog. Our main goal is to inform and raise awareness about cyber-bullying. On our blog, we will discuss what constitutes cyber-bullying, it's consequences and effects on the victims and our advice for dealing with the problem.We believe cyber-bullying is a serious problem. Help us put an end to it.
Sincerely, Team Chester

What is cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying refers to harassing people over the Internet or other electronic means. The different forms of cyber-bullying include sending repetitive and abusive messages and/or images via email, instant messaging, cell phones, social networking websites, blogs etc. Some cyber-bullies post inappropriate videos or photos of people on the Internet or post mean comments about them. Cyber-bullying may also involve pretending to be someone else in order hide your identity or assume the victim's identity in order to embarass them. In fact, many cyber-bullies goal is for the victim to find themselves humiliated.That is why rumors are such a big problem. In conclusion, cyber-bullying is a form of abuse administrated through electronics
Sincerely, Chester


Bullying affectes the victims, as well as the bullies. First of all, people that are bullied are often humiliated,  and it can make their lives extremely unpleasant. Bullies often are having issues and problem that are pushing them to act the way they do.Their misery,can conduct them to a delinquent life. People that are bullied are targeted with messages, pictures or videos of them that can seriously affect them psycologically. When mean things are repetitively said to the victim, they may start to believe that what is being said is true and that they are the problem. I believe we have all ,at least once, felt that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of our stomach when we do not feel accepted. It's human nature to want to be loved and it is impressive how much we are effected when deprived.
Sincerely, Chester


Cyber-bullying can have many consequences for the victim. Studies show that people who suffer cyber-bullying describe themselves as  ''sad '' and ''unwilling to attend school ''. Other consequences include anxiety, multiple school absences, excessive insecurity, depression and sometimes even suicide. They often feel isolated and alone. In reality though, there are many more like them.
 I would like to share the story of Ryan Halligan, a victim of cyber-bullying ( amongst other forms). He was often teased and abused online. One example of this, is when he began speaking online to a girl that he liked from his school. She pretended to like him back but her and her friends soon revealed that the whole thing had been a joke and called him a looser. Later on, a rumor spread saying he was gay. He started receiving vicious homophobic messages online.At the age of fourteen, he took his own life. There are many more like him. Please, together, let's put an end to it.
Sincerely, Chester


Cyber-bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying. If you, or somebody you know, is being cyber-bullied or bullied in any other manner, the answer is not to pretend everything is fine and stay silent about it. If you constantly are being bullied it could affect your self-esteem, your relationsionships and even your health so don't wait until it gets any more serious.The best way to put and end to cyber-bullying is to speak to an adult. It could be your parents,teacher, principal, coach or any other adult whom you trust. When you discuss your problems with an adult, you can alert them to your situation, tell them who's picking on you and most importantly: you can find a solution and end the bullying.
Sincerely, Chester